Toughmen offers turnkey solutions to enhance tactical systems. With core capabilities that include R&D, product design, development, prototyping and testing, we have been a key defense equipment contractor and consultant for the military, rescue and security organizations. Meeting different needs of different markets, countries and operations, we pride ourselves in our ability to develop customized solutions in the areas of Tactical Systems, Human Performance and Homeland Security.

Military Law Enforcer Personal Protection

Cut Resistance Gloves

Toughman offers different protection levels of cut-resistance gloves made of strongest fibers Ultra-High Modecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) that are tough yet comfortable, flexible, cool and light.

Cut Resistance Sleeves

Using latest fiber technology UHMWPE to produce arm protection sleeves. Toughmen sleeves provides extra protection for your arms and wrists yet allow breathability to ensure maximum comfort and protection so you can perform your tasks well and not having to worry about getting hurt.

Ballistic Helmets

Toughmen helmets offer enhanced protection without the weight. Our helmets are typically up to 25% lighter than next-nearest competitive materials. Decreased weight also gives manufacturers and end users added flexibility.

Ballistic Vest

Toughmen vest offer wearer protection against a range of threats - including handgun ammunition, fast-moving fragments, and knives - while providing the lightest weight options with maximum flexibility and comfort. Ballistic vests with Toughmen can be made up to 40% lighter, without a drop in ballistic performance. This reduced weight gives the user increased speed and flexibility, which significantly improves their ease of mobility. Additionally, Toughmen Soft Ballistic (SB) armour solutions can be upgraded with Hard Ballistic (HB) inserts, to address higher threats, such as rifle fire

Ballistic Shields

Toughmen utilise the most advanced light weight armour technology to achieve maximum protection without restricting user’s ability to operate. By reducing the weight of individual inserts at the same protection level, the option arises of increasing the body surface area covered, without restricting movement or flexibility.

Ballistic Plates and Inserts

Inserts using Unidirectional (UD) material are regarded as best-in-class and are proven in combat situations to help guard against heavy-duty, multiple-hit threats including AK47 MSC (7.62 x 39 mm) and NATO Ball (7.62 x 51 mm). The weight of individual inserts can be reduced by up to 25% compared to traditional materials like steel, while still offering the same protection level. This provides end users genuine choice and flexibility in how they design and deploy armour solutions.

Transportation Armour

Toughmen offers various transportation vehicles in Land, Air and Sea different level of protection against threats.

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